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Men’s Jubba collection available on Saqafat is made of a high-quality cotton blend that is suitable and affordable for all Muslim purchases. Saqafat hosts a huge variety of colors to choose from and tones that will be suitable for all occasions.

Saqafat provides the highest standards of men’s and women’s ethnic garments that come from their finest origins with excellent craftsmanship. The mission behind sourcing authentic ethnic products to the UK is to connect customers with traditional links.

Another important aspect of our House of Traditions has become men’s Jubba – maintaining a diverse variety of Islamic products for men, where thobes for men have become the first. Our aim for becoming brilliantly known for delivering the most authentic and best of the traditional wear lets us practice unique skills, potential, and qualities. This is our major source of creating great bonds between our goods and services and our customers.

Luxurious Thobe Collection 2023 | What Makes our Jubba Premium?

Thobes have now taken the center of light in many countries and are in demand for much Islamic festive wear and for other occasions. Saqafat saw the need for men’s thobes in the UK and brought in a collection with fabric and shades to match every occasion and demand. All these thobes have been sized, trimmed, and detailed with careful consideration.

A simple thobe takes a lot of dedication and grafting to deliver the end product being comfortable and a fine creation. Once these were fully made, they went through the quality check process that made sure of they met all the necessary standards. The following factors are essential in describing our men’s Jubba:

Premium Tropical Blend Fabric – The thobes available online on Saqafat are made from the highest quality tropical blend fabric that is known to be the best fabric for thobe make. The material we use is sourced generally from the best places so the durability and comfort of the thobe are maintained.

Snap Buttons Placket – Once we did our research and went over a couple of examples of men’s thobes in the market we realized the functionality of snap buttons was a better choice than zips. We made the placket of our thobes end at chest level, keeping the convenience in check. You won’t find this feature in other choices.

Detailed Finishing – Each men’s Jubba available on Saqafat tells a story of its make and finishing. As said before, a lot of thought process has been put into the making of these thobes. Hence, all thobes have stitching detail on the placket and neckline. This gives them the finer touch of luxury and distinctiveness, letting the neckline and placket sit neatly.

Range of sizes & Colours – At Saqafat we make products to cater to the body types of various men. We understand that a thobe has to be perfect in fit for both height and width to look good. The height and width are both crucial for thobes. We made an effort to meet this requirement and also to take away the hassle of having to choose colours. We have created Jubba for men in colours that will suit every occasion and event.



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