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Mens Shawls - A Legacy of Tradition

Saqafat is embracing traditions and is on a continuous aim of bringing in men’s traditional wear from authentic craftsmen’s weaving hands to convenient online shopping for traditional men’s wear. Saqafat boasts a range of men’s traditional salwar suits waistcoats and hand-loomed caps. Shawls are one of the other amazing products that add to letting men embrace their saqafat in the best way possible. 

Shawls for mens have long been considered the most luxurious accessory to carry. This has also been associated with higher-status individuals. And now with the change in time and trends, Pakistani shawls mens have become more of a fashion accessory that is wrapped to enhance the overall traditional appearance. 

The now-worn shawls by men are centered on designs and detailing. Along with a fine shining winter outfit, the adorned wool shawls are also chosen that have a higher grade of design and appeal. Generally, merino, cashmere, and wool or wool blend fabric are most commonly used in making shawls. The shawl has to be exceptionally thermal and breathable in characteristics. A super-fine gauge knit and an open weave are what compliments the tradition of comfort.

Style Legacy of Tradition with Saqafat 

Saqafat craftsmen give in a tremendous amount of time to create a comfortable and trendy traditional heirloom. The men’s shawl at Saqafat carries both the legacy and trend that can be styled in all possible ways. These are even designed to be worn in the day and evening. A super-fine wool blend fabric is utilized in creating the final polished look of shawls. All the major colors that accentuate any traditional outfit are available in Saqafat’s shawls mens collection.

The wool blend used for shawls is not only the best choice for winter wear but can also be worn during transitional seasons. This fabric type also ensures the durability of the product, which means handing down the legacy from one generation to the next. With Saqafat Luxury men’s shawls, you’re not only looking into design and trends but also lifelong companionship. 

The latest range has a fine selection of colors, is made from an organic wool blend, have a smooth texture and a thing design stripe running through the width of the shawl. The quality of the fabric will let you embrace the look, while the design will let flaunt the look magnificently. The rest is choosing the colors and letting them combine with your contemporary outfit to be the epitome of luxury. 

The wedding season is hyped. What could be better than getting a quality hand-made shawl and adorning it for a perfect traditional look?  To look your absolute, shop for a contemporary outfit and a


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